Selasa, 17 Juli 2012


alhamdulilahirobilalamin .. it's the first word that I say when I did not move guys, and you know! I am proud of myself because I can pass the test :'D
I remain with you, you, and all of them ~
remember this is all I managed to capture a few pictures taken during a 'training cheers' we possessed only took 2 days to training dance and cheers guys, and you know it's not 'training cheers' for women but for manly men who can say no love of the woman. but they are not guys! they explicitly say "let's conquer promnite" Our guys really training, morning-afternoon-evening-night we are having for our success.
and you know again we get more than we want. when we came .. way .. in the spotlight by a light so bright. they all shouted "SCEDSA" and with pride we present this to them all (2 semarang high school students)

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