Selasa, 17 Juli 2012


alhamdulilahirobilalamin .. it's the first word that I say when I did not move guys, and you know! I am proud of myself because I can pass the test :'D
I remain with you, you, and all of them ~
remember this is all I managed to capture a few pictures taken during a 'training cheers' we possessed only took 2 days to training dance and cheers guys, and you know it's not 'training cheers' for women but for manly men who can say no love of the woman. but they are not guys! they explicitly say "let's conquer promnite" Our guys really training, morning-afternoon-evening-night we are having for our success.
and you know again we get more than we want. when we came .. way .. in the spotlight by a light so bright. they all shouted "SCEDSA" and with pride we present this to them all (2 semarang high school students)

Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

Pine Families

when I do not know them .. when I met them .. when I do not know them better .. when we are together ... and when now we are going to part time and distance, but know friendship is not going to change everything.
somewhere where we can meet up as close as a family now.
friendship is everything, and I really appreciate what the meaning of friendship. I hope you succeed friend!

Jumat, 06 Juli 2012

playing with reeds

sky that soothes the eye will add beauty to the reeds in the afternoon. yup tia believe god possessed a better plan than this;)

H for Holiday

holiday has arrived for those of you who have received the results of tests during the semester, but for me it's a holiday every day of the week hahaha for me every day :D
fun at all if we're on vacation with family and friends, yes that's what I'm doing this weekend guys, I spent my time just for the family, as I know that both my parents were very difficult at all to leave the job.

Indonesia has a beach that is so soothing beach guys, yup like this beach in Sulawesi
here are some of my vacation guys, what about your holiday?