Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

I miss you guys

     I do not know where this sense of missed the sudden, I started to have my pink notebook and I started to open one by one photo in my album. and I miss you guys: '( I also miss the time we first junior high school friends. aaaaaaaaaaaaa. I will show you some special moments of our friends. Loveyou!

Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

there is no gloom here

welcome to the 12th grade, goodbye ugly nature that exist in class 11. behold my friend today shopping a variety of purposes to welcome my new classes tomorrow.
let's TIA remove the fear in class 12, welcomes the future for yourself: D

Sabtu, 09 Juli 2011

a certain uniqueness "EGG"

good morning beautiful and handsome today I get something I had never met and know, maybe for you is a little excessive. you just know that I will show a certain uniqueness "EGG" which was brought by my beautiful mother yesterday afternoon. This is a chicken egg, yes out of chicken eggs: D
look at the sides of the egg, the top of the egg that has a line that is not ideal for eggs


Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

Sketsa ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ

guys i will show sketch made ​​by my brother, not too good not too bad guys as well.
I am very grateful have been in the Make a sketch of the body, my face and my friend called back.
martial is my best friend guys, can tell a good friend.
if you all know the sketch is made within half an hour, woow  very impressive.

Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

h e l l o sistaa

sorry friends I can tell right now hehe.
since yesterday I can not open my account and I had to create a new account.
I will introduce my friend, my neighbor that I already consider to be my sister. 
I love her. she is always with me when I stopped crying and blush, he also has witnessed a sad story and I am happy. 
friend, now I'm sad because we've rarely played together.
let alone play, meet only rarely. 
here I will show how to togetherness us when we were out playing together. 
my sister was named Shaila rianita she now lectures at UNDIP Department Engineering Department Urban and Regional Planning, she is often invoked as fungus or Chey. I like everything we do together with my sister


almost lost my blog

thank god my blog account can be opened again, thanks also to my friend named adistya putri maharani because she has helped me to be able to open this account. god at the moment my account can not be viewed, cold sweat running down over my body. I think my account will be lost and I start again with a new one.

Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

my beloved father♥

hello friends, yesterday the 4th of July 2011 I loved my father's birthday. this morning my mother and sister sing happy birthday to my dad. me and my family sang happy birthday again via a mobile phone with 3G facilities. there I could see my father happy with what he has done for her beloved family. this morning in my 3G, sister and mother brought a birthday cake on which there are a lot of candles, which we deliberately designed so that we can blow out the candle as a family together. but friends, too bad this special day my dad can not go home in because his work is difficult to abandon. I am honestly sad in this situation. why the special day for my father, he was not around us. oh father of us all pray that the father can become better and better from year-earlier year and hopefully what fathers want can come true easily. we all love dad