Kamis, 08 September 2011


        is the most gokil guys. after the kaliwang scedsa went directly to inul vista and it tida! inul vista full and we had to wait up to 3 hours. tida! hehe it will not happen, the sooner we were kids scedsa contacting the other karaoke places. then if you wanted to go there, some of my friends have lost oh how sad: "
and we managed to get there in time.
message-in-place-then we sat together singing blablabla ;) caution that there is a karaoke place a few traps that will startle you're like me and @tisoul lalukan: D have a good time friends

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  1. hello dear !! i've just give you an award , check it out -- http://nemesisiodenia.blogspot.com/2011/09/sunshine-award-2011.html

  2. haha, looks so fun. isn't if great to be able to enjoy your time with your fellas :D

  3. looks likeu had a great night!
    check my blog too if u'd like: http://etbreadandbutter.blogspot.com/

    xoxo, ET